Olive Burgess Teen Stroke Survivor

This is Olive Burgess my lovely neighbours daughter who at the age of just 13 last year

had a stroke. Too say this was shocking is an understatement. One minute a beautiful vibrant teenager then within half an hour she could not walk or talk.

Thankfully the quick actions of family and doctors, first at the RUH in Bath and then at the Bristol Children’s Hospital Olive was cared for and operated on …frankly saving her life.

I know I can not imagine the fear that must go through the family at a time like this and finding out about it makes you feel so helpless.

Thankfully Olive is now on the road to recovery having regained her speech

and her ability to walk.

No family deserves to be put through such a hideous time and I know that without

the quick work by the doctors and nurses at Bath and Bristol Olive would probably

not be here.

Therefore for the next year I will be donating 40% of any sales to a charity raising money for The Bristol Children’s Hospital

I will be putting up more info on my instagram page.

Please read and let’s all be aware that this can happen to anybody no matter what age.

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